We mean it, bars and restaurants: unlicensed music ain’t good

February 14, 2020

We recently wrote an article explaining why restaurants, bars, retail outlets, and other public places shouldn’t play recorded or live music without having a license to do so. We apparently need to yell louder because Nickel and Rye –– a restaurant right here in our good ol’ Dallas back yard –– got sued by ASCAP … Read More

Bar and restaurant owners: read this before you play Free Bird again

August 29, 2019

Subject to a few exceptions, it is just plain ol’ copyright infringement to play live or recorded music in a restaurant, bar, or retail store unless the business has the right license. Period. Full stop. Wait. What? Why? Songwriters and publishers (often record labels) own the exclusive rights for their songs to be performed in … Read More

If you own a business, you probably need a boring lawyer

March 20, 2019

Not all lawyers go to the courthouse. But that’s what we see in movies and TV because (a) attractive, well-dressed people engaging in witty courtroom banter is interesting, and (b) a show about some guy drafting bylaws would be worse than Gigli and Cop Rock combined. But boring and all, you prolly need a good … Read More

Fun With Federal Court Opinions

February 14, 2019

 Lawyers and judges spend a fair amount of their time writing, proofreading, editing, and rewriting. But, alas, we are human. Here is a funny example.