Sometimes litigation is the only way to resolve a dispute. Our attorneys, who have extensive experience litigating in state and federal trial and appellate courts, focus on:


  • Contractual and other business disputes;
  • Antitrust-related disputes, including price fixing, price discrimination, bid rigging, resale-price maintenance, monopolization, unfair competition, interlocking directorates, and other disputes;
  • Disputes involving fiduciary duties;
  • Disputes involving trademarks, trade secrets, noncompetition, nonsolicitation, nondisclosure, confidentiality, and related agreements;
  • Partnership disputes and other internal disputes among business owners;
  • Cybersquatting and other disputes involving domain names;
  • Commercial real-estate disputes;
  • Personal-injury matters; and
  • Music-related disputes, including matters involving copyright and publishing rights.